Here are some tips on How to Clean the Foggy Headlights of Your Car.

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Tips to Clean Foggy Headlights of Your Car.

When driving at night or in low-light situations, one of the most critical preventive measures a driver can take is to ensure that their headlights are in good functioning condition. The polycarbonate plastic that most headlights are made of can be damaged and broken over time by falling objects, or the sun’s UV radiation can destroy the surface layer. In addition to seeming unpleasant, this degradation can have a detrimental effect on exposure to dark or inclement weather. The Mercedes- Benz of Wilmington in Wilmington, DE, is bringing to you the tips to clean the foggy headlights of your car.

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How to Clean Dirty Headlights

Even if it’s only dampness, Water can get into electronic systems and generate short-circuits. Breaking the sealing between the headlight unit and the rest of the car is not a good idea. Remove the bulb and clean the inside of the lens properly. Check if the assembly valves are clogged by road debris preventing vapor from escaping. Finally, inspect the seals and O-rings for any signs of wear, cracking, or drying out. If this is the case, they should be changed.

Folks who need to clear hazy headlights in a hurry have a few additional solutions to complete the work. Cleaning headlights with toothpaste and baking soda can be beneficial. Both chemicals are strong enough to remove the fog from the headlights without harming or breaking them. Surface finishing compounds may also be capable of repairing UV damage. Overall, having a cleaning pack in your garage or residence is a good idea!If your headlights are cloudy and dirty, it’s best to use sandpaper to clean them. The sandpaper method takes a little longer but can remove more gunk from your lights. Wiping down your headlights with Soap and Water, drying completely, and taping around the lights should be done the same way as before. Using a small amount of water, wet the sandpaper and rub it in small circles around the headlight, then a straight path. If you press too firmly, the casing will be scratched.

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